Klöfkorn, Michel

Substitute Professor for Film and Moving Image

“Forceful and colorful, a threatening cloud of products moves through the supermarket, suburban garage doors carry out a ballet, slamming shut to the rhythm of electronic music. Pigeon deterrents on buildings mutate into aggressive artificial termites, tearing our world to pieces. Fascinating parallel universe or expression of the nightmares of our own creation? In his animation films, video installations, and music videos, the Frankfurt artist Michel Klöfkorn triggers associations, poses critical questions, and skillfully stages them with a flair for showmanship. With their subtle resolution, fine irony, and outstanding aesthetics, Klöfkorn’s unusual works are among the most exciting that the German short film has to offer.

In his works Klöfkorn reveals a sharp eye for the details of everyday life. The winner of two German Film Prizes meticulously creates and choreographs completely new occasions, producing seemingly new constellations that disclose a great deal about normal life. All the while Klöfkorn’s images are brought to life through outstanding soundscapes." 

Dok Leipzig/ Claas Danielson