Studying abroad step by step

Step 1: Figure out the appropriate host school

This requires some research. You can find the exchange opportunities available from the University of Kassel and the Kunsthochschule on the Cooperation database. On the individual university’s websites you can get information on study programs, teaching language, semester schedules, etc. You can also get important information to help you make your decision from other students’ experience reports.

Your preferred university is not a partner university? No problem? Of course you can also organize your stay independently as a so-called freemover. Please contact the International Office with any questions. These kinds of stays are also eligible for financial support. In addition, university fees can also potentially be covered.

Step 2: Submit your application

Once you have decided on a host school, send your application documents by November 15 to khk-international[at]

Please prepare the following for the host school:

  • Portfolio
  • Motivation letter (model/open format – max. one page DIN-A4)
  • CV
  • Recommendation letter from your supervising professor

Step 3: Further procedures

  1. Your application is considered and you receive a response within four weeks of submission.
  2. If you receive an offer, you must formally accept the position (attention: mandatory!).
  3. After confirmation, you will be nominated by Frau Sandgaard to your preferred university/art school (attention: you can only be nominated to one university or art school).
  4. The partner university/art school will then inform you by email about further procedures. Generally, the next step is to submit a portfolio. Only after the partner university/art school has agreed to your participation have you been officially accepted.

Step 4: Scholarship

Erasmus+: As a rule, if you have been selected for an Erasmus stay you will receive a scholarship. Once Frau Sandgaard has nominated you at the International Office, they will automatically inform you about further steps to take. 

Partner universities/art schools (other than Erasmus+): In this case, once your application has been approved you must independently apply for a study and/or travel scholarship at the International Office. Depending on the destination country and duration there are a variety of possibilities: