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A period of study abroad during the degree programme is a great enrichment, provides insights into related or foreign cultures, perceptions of one's own culture and enhances social and cultural skills. The Kunsthochschule Kassel has a selection of partner universities in Europe and throughout the world.

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Erasmus+ Partner Universities
Partners throughout the World

From the initial decision on a place of study abroad through to departure, a lead time of about one year should be allowed for.


The Erasmus Programme of the EU Commission is designed to promote the mobility of European students. If you choose a partner university as part of this programme (EU+Turkey), you will receive financial, organizational and technical support. This makes it easier to integrate a period of study abroad and support it in financial terms. We will assist you with the technical and organizational preparation of the period of study abroad; you are exempt from paying tuition fees at the guest university and normally receive an allowance for living costs (EURO 300 a month maximum).

Worldwide Study Abroad?

There are also partnerships outside the Erasmus Programme, i.e. outside the EU and Turkey. Although these agreements make it easier to be accepted at the foreign university, students are responsible for the complete funding and local organization of these study periods.

Please check first whether you can fund such a study period without support (flights, living costs etc.)

We or the International Office on Holländischer Platz will, of course, be pleased to provide tips and assistance.

Free Mover

If an applicant seeks a period of study abroad at universities that are not partner universities, it means that he or she must attend to the contacts with the university, the application and financing. Funding may also be possible here. Information about this is available here. The best place to find out about carrying out a period of study abroad as a free mover is the International Office on Holländischer Platz.


Find out about our partner universities within Erasmus and our international contacts, select suitable universities and research the study options for your subject area as well as the application deadlines at the relevant university. You also need to bear in mind how the semester periods at the partner university fit in with the semester periods of the Kunsthochschule Kassel.

Come to the open office hour in order to start the Erasmus application officially.

Ask your supervising professor to endorse your period of study abroad through a simple e-mail to Ilka Sandgaard. For Erasmus, you need to be nominated by N.N. and Ilka Sandgaard; this nomination can take place only after your supervising professor has given his or her endorsement.

The online application via the International Office takes place in parallel.

Information and Advice on Studying Abroad?

Do you already have your eye on a university for your period of study abroad, or are you still searching? If so, come to the open office and we will look to see which art college contacts might be suitable for your wishes and which programmes or partnerships you can use.

In addition, the International Office regularly provides information events on general questions to do with the organization and funding of a study abroad.

The International Office's webpages also contain a well-structured list of answers to virtually all important general questions on studying abroad: Period of Study Abroad FAQs.