21.07.2022 – 23.07.2022

NFT international Conference

Over the last couple of years, Non-Fungible Tokens stormed into the creation of arts and, even more so, the art market. New forms of visual arts have developed, and existing artworks are increasingly represented by NFTs. Some of them gain outraging prices. Nevertheless, the general comprehension of what exactly NFTs are, how they influence the creation of visual art, what their legal effects are and should be, and how they affect incentives and values in art markets is far from complete. The conference assembles artists, lawyers, and economists from outstanding institutions to discuss these issues.


Participation in the conference is upon invitation only. A small number of seats for attending presentations and panel discussions is available. If you are interested to attend, please contact the organizers of the conference, mentioning your affiliation and your relation to the topic, by e-mail (institutional e-mail if possible).

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