Klasse Vallejos-de Bruijne

Multidimensional Strategies

Who is art for? Who do works of art represent? What makes art "good" for different audiences?
Being able to think about these questions is closely linked to understanding the criteria regulating the production and circulation of artworks in each context. These issues belong to the process of making artworks for inside the white cube as well for the art manifestations outside it, in settings where art acquires another dimension and significance. 

In the class Multidimensional Strategies, we investigate individually and as a group how art works and interacts with a variety of contexts as much as how it results for different audiences. Art students will come in contact with these questions gradually, as they systematically develop a steady artist practice. Learning to formulate ones’ own criteria is an essential part of this process. 

This will be practically approached by concentrating on the work of every student, providing individual guidance as much as giving the opportunity to showcase their progress regularly to the entire group.
In addition to it mentored field research on an actual situation outside the academy will accompany the course trajectory. The framework for this is supported by preliminary research about the fundamental aspects of the realization of artworks and by learning from strategies of existing contemporary practices.

Multidimensional Strategies is not so much about dictating a particular set of rules or methodology, but rather about developing an understanding of how art and its practice can respond vividly and creatively to the demands of the times we live in.


de Bruijne, Matthijs

Professur für mehrdimensionale Strategien

Vallejos, Cecilia

Professur für mehrdimensionale Strategien