TERRARISTA TV presents: “When this all collapses, how do we”

20.11.2020 14:00 UHR

TERRARISTA TV presents: “When this all collapses, how do we”

Online Exhibition: 20.11.2020 on terraristatv.stream
Streaming time: 2 – 10 PM (CET)

Artists: tba.

This Friday November 20, TERRARISTA TV comes back with its second iteration, When this all collapses, how do we. The relaunch, featuring works by artists from all around the globe, marks the beginning of our structure as a monthly streaming platform – a space for coming together and exploring artistic possibilities amidst the challenges of second wave fatigue, isolation and disconnection.

What sets this iteration in motion: when reading the present and the future under the Anthropocene, we are presented with how ‘disasters’ look like in the Global South. Inevitably, we dare ourselves to imagine the crumbling of the West: Building on moods of dystopia, terror, horror, virusousity, disintegration, collapse, decay, militancy and parasitism. Amplifying utopian visions of alternative and possible futures. Entering the unsettled and the unknown. Exploring abstraction, intimacy, interconnection and indeterminacy. We want to look at the current collective endeavors that dive deep into the technologization and mechanization of bodies and ecology, while revisiting our understanding of agencies in ultimately biological modes of existence.

TERRARISTA TV is an artist-run online streaming channel. Organized collectively, we create a symbiotic organism to critically engage with the inadequacy of the term ‘Anthropocene’ as we shift questions towards terrestrial dissident bodies, waste, animals, machines and planetary consciousness. We examine problems of logistical capitalism, racial capitalocene, environmental injustice and ecological crises — alongside the living earth that defends itself with its myriad of geological, biological and meteorological forces. Our platform aims to amplify voices of those underrepresented in the art world and made further vulnerable during the pandemic. We are interested in works that counter hegemonic western narratives and decenter human progress and temporality.

When this all collapses, how do we is made possible through the work of: Melina Becker, Konstantin Frey, Paula Godínez, Elisa Hempel, Juca, Anja Kellner, Echo Can Luo, Alejandra Montoya, Jolanda Obleser, Aisling Phelan, Esther Poppe, Paola Ramirez, Kerstin Rupprecht, Andara Shastika, Niko Solorio, Spiders, Raffael Tobias Streicher, Konrad Winter.

Special thanks to Jay Lee, Christian L’Octopien, Olaf Val, Bjørn Melhus, Angela Anderson, Lisa Dreykluft, Kasseler Dokumentärfilm- und Videofestival, and the Kunsthochschule Kassel for their generous support in the realisation of this event.

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