19.11.2021 11:00 UHR

Profis Plaudern Praxis XIII / Praxis Dokfest 2021

Hybrid: Medienprojektzentrum Offener Kanal & DokfestChannel auf Cinemalovers & ZOOM.

My Film Between Exploitation and Devaluation – Strategies in Times of Streaming and Online Festivals – Part 2.

Streaming and VoD platforms are an ongoing topic of discussion in the film and media industry. The topic of digital marketing strategies was given a particular relevance by the Corona pandemic. Last year, we therefore already focused on the fact that, on the one hand, streaming providers and online platforms - thanks to their easy accessibility - offer young media professionals in particular great potential for making their works visible; on the other hand, the supposedly greater independence of self-marketing in the online sphere is also contrasted by a potential devaluation of the works. Out of the necessity of the crisis, both cinemas and film festivals have dared to take the step into digital, whereby all sectors involved have been able to gain directional experience.

Last year's topical issue will be continued this year, as new aspects and insights can take influence from last year's experience. The event Profis Plaudern Praxis XIII / PraxisDokfest would like to give young media professionals the opportunity to concretize questions in this regard together with experienced industry experts, to weigh up their actions and to find future-oriented exploitation strategies for their own productions. The event Profis Plaudern Praxis XIII / PraxisDokfest aims to give young media professionals the opportunity to work together with experienced experts from the industry to concretize questions, evaluate options and find future-oriented distribution strategies for their productions.

Four short lectures will open up different perspectives on distribution-strategies between cinema and streaming platforms. Subsequently, individual queries can be addressed in a moderated panel discussion and one-on-one conversations, taking place at the media project center Offener Kanal in Kassel or via ZOOM. Language: English and German.

The lectures and one-on-one conversations are primarily addressed to students from the network of the Hessian Film and Media Academy (hFMA) and the participants of the 12th Hessian University Film Day. They will be open to other interested persons as well.

Profis Plaudern Praxis XIII takes place as a hybrid event. For program schedule and details for participation see tab "Participation information"!

Free registrations until 16.11. with Anna Bell (bell[at]kasselerdokfest.de).

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