Dharamshala International Film Festival: THREE (OR MORE) ECOLOGIES (2019)

29.10.2020 – 04.11.2020

Dharamshala International Film Festival: THREE (OR MORE) ECOLOGIES (2019)

This first chapter in an ongoing audiovisual research project juxtaposes the destructive process of fracking - which sustains the oil boom in the US state of North Dakota - with voices from a women’s collective agricultural project in the autonomous region of Rojava, Syria. The film emphasises the urgent need to redefine ‘value’ in the face of the economic models that drive both the current climate crisis and the destruction of our planet’s ecosystems. It also calls into question global capitalism’s unbridled systems of accumulation - as fostered by competition, inequality and exploitation, and underpinned by patriarchal society. The singular conclusion: For the world to live, patriarchy must die.

Documentary, Experimental, 37min.
Director, Producer, Writer, Director of Photography: Angela Anderson

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