Volkart Foundation - Support in the fields of film and photography

The Volkart Foundation supports institutions and artists in the fields of film and photography. It is involved in projects that address socially relevant topics. Preference is given to projects with innovative approaches in form and content.

Photography In the field of photography, the focus is on documentary photography. Art photography is also promoted.

Film In the area of film, the focus is on documentary film (short, medium and long film format). A theatrical release is desired, but not required. In addition, committed feature films are also supported.

The Volkart Foundation does not see itself as the sole funder, but as a project partner, which requires a sustainable use of funds. Applications can be submitted at any time via the online application form in a two-step process.

Submission deadline / meeting: December 15 / March 15 / June 15 / September 15 / December

Link:Call for applications