Marta Hoepffner Prize for Photography 2023

The prize honors black-and-white work by up-and-coming professional photographers and will be awarded on July 2, 2023 as part of an exhibition at the Stadtmuseum Hofheim am Taunus. On the subject: in different light Light is the basis of photography and the prerequisite for the creation of images. It is always in motion and thus influences the appearance of things and our view of them. In the past three years, a great deal has changed our perception - from climate change to the Corona epidemic to Russia's attack on Ukraine. We see the world in a different light. We take a different look at ourselves and our surroundings. The theme offers the possibility to use all photographic genres: e.g., portrait, landscape, architecture, stills, documentary photography, experimental photography, etc. Participation is open to trained photographers and artists in the first five years of their professional practice, as well as students from the 4th semester and trainees in their final year of training. Three to five black-and-white works are to be submitted: high-quality hand prints (baryte, noble printing process or similar) or high-quality digital prints as individual works or series in the format up to a maximum of 40 x 50 cm (without frame), which are not older than two years. One work selected by the jury will be awarded the Marta Hoepffner Prize for Photography in the amount of € 3,000. There will be an entry fee of € 25, which will be used exclusively for costs of the competition.

Deadline: February 18, 2023