Film and Television

The study programme provides training of an artistic and practical nature in relation to film and television. As part of this training, feature, documentary, image, promotional, product and science films are created, in order to enable students to learn about the broad professional field of film-making. Basic knowledge with regard to the most important professional groups in the area of film and television is imparted, such as screenwriting, directing, camerawork, acting direction, equipment, editing, colour correction, sound design, production and marketing.

During the study programme, students themselves can choose the specialization in which they are interested. Student team work is an important part of the training. Students learn team-oriented thinking and working in joint projects in order to train their collaborative skills. In the main seminar, entitled “From an Idea to a Film”, students develop their own film projects, thereby passing through all phases of film production.

Supervision takes place in theoretical and practical seminars in which topics like idea generation and development, casting, breaking the script scenes down into camera angles, lighting design, dramaturgy, montage, festival work, film history and film analysis are handled. In individual discussions, students are supported on their way to acquiring their own artistic signature and assisted with the production of their films.

The study programme ends with a final project and a final project defence. This requires the creation of a work that is artistic and practical in nature in the form of a film or video production and a written piece of work. Once a student has passed the final examination, a certificate is issued.

During the study programme, successful students join the NUR film group. NUR is a project which came into being in the Film and Television department and whose members operate internationally.



Drouz, Yana

Professorship for Film and Television

Holtz, Rike

Artistic Associate | Film and Television