Protection from sexual harassment, discrimination, and violence

Sexualized discrimination and violence continue to be a problem in our society, and universities as a place of study and work are no exception to this. For the protection of its students and staff, the University of Kassel has passed the Guidelines for Protection against Sexual Harassment, Sexual Discrimination and Sexual Violence.

General Equal Treatment Act
The goal of the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) is to prohibit and eliminate discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, religion, or personal conviction, on the basis of disability, age, gender, or sexual identity.

Security on Campus
On the internet page Security on Campus you can find important information on the topic of security as well as the locations of the emergency phones on the central campus as well as at Holländischer Platz (map and exact locations).

Contact points at the University of Kassel for sexual harassment, discrimination, and violence:

Frauen- und Gleichstellungsbeauftragte (Women’s and Equal Opportunity Services)
The Frauen- und Gleichstellungsbeauftragte supports the Hochschule in integrating equal opportunity in the development of the Hochschule as well as in implementing the legal equal opportunity mandate. They work in close cooperation with the Women’s and Equal Opportunity Services of the individual departments, the Frauenrat (Women’s Council), and the Equal Opportunity Commission. Contact: +49 561/804-2268/-3469.

Psychologische Beratungsstelle (PBS-Psychological Counseling Center)
The Psychological Counseling Center (PBS) of the Student Services is available to students and affiliates of the University of Kassel. It provides support to those seeking counseling to overcome their psychological crises. Contact: +49 561/804-2800.

Personalrat (Staff Services)
The central task of Staff Services is to represent the interests of staff in relation to the administration. The legal basis of its work is the Hessische Personalvertretungsgesetz (Hessian Staff Representation Act). Contact: +49 561/804-3010.

Complaints Office for Students
Thomas Haubrich, Department of Studies and Teaching, Tel.: +49 561 804-3598.

AGG Beschwerdestelle für Bedienstete (The General Act on Equal Treatment, Complaints Office for Staff)
Manuela Robrecht, Department of Personnel and Organization, Tel.: +49 561 804-2518.

Schwerbehindertenvertretung (Representatives for the Disabled)
The Representatives for the Disabled, as an interest group for disabled persons, has the general, comprehensive task of integrating disabled persons in the administrative offices, representing the interests of disabled staff, as well as counseling and aiding disabled persons in the administration. Contact: +49 561/804-2703.

Der allgemeine Studierendenausschuss
The General Student Board (AStA) is the executive organ of the constituted student body and is the democratically elected representation of the students. However, it is not elected directly. Rather, students select from lists to elect their representatives for the Student Parliament, which then elects the AStA according to the majority.

External Counseling Centers

Further information: