Holtz, Rike

Artistic Associate | Film and Television

Rike Holtz studied screenwriting and directing with a focus on film and television with Prof. Yana Drouz and Prof. David Safarian and was a masters student with Prof. Yana Drouz about graduating.

Since 2018 is the artistic associate in the area of film and television with Prof. Yana Drouz.

Rike Holtz makes socially relevant films, both documentaries and fiction films, which have been shown and awarded internationally.

She is part of the NUR film group, an internationally recognized collective of filmmakers.

Films (selection):
2018 Si o Si! Documentary
2016 Alles in Butter Short Fiction Film
2013 Achtung, zeitgenössische Kunst! Experimental film
2013 Was ist ein Mann? Documentary
2012 Die Größe des Menschen Documentary
2010 Cholita Libre – Wer nicht kämpft, hat schon verloren Documentary
2009 Lui Short Fiction Film
2004 Innenleben Short Fiction Film

Festivals/ Awards (selection):
International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg
International Film Festival Rotterdam
Preis Cinalfama for best mid-length film
Prix Cinerail Paris for best film