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Besides of the various happenings and project presentations that the Visual Arts, Visual Communication, Product Design and scientific students continuously introduce, there is also an established annual exhibition.



At the end of the summer semester, the Kunsthochschule Kassel organizes its grand annual show, the Rundgang (Round Tour). During the annual art festival, students across all the degree programmes of Visual Arts, Visual Communication, Product Design, Art Education and Art History and Theory present their often interdisciplinary works to the general public for the first time. An extensive event programme, which offers exhibitions, film presentations, talks, interactive media installations and much more, awaits visitors to the Round Tour.




At the end of their studies, graduates and master-class students on the degree programmes in Visual Arts, Art Education, Product Design and Visual Communication at the Kunsthochschule Kassel take their leave with a large-scale joint exhibition. The exhibited positions provide an impressive demonstration of the high quality and diversity of contemporary art production in Kassel. The exam exhibition takes place at the beginning of each winter semester. This gives new students an opportunity to visit their fellows' representative final exhibition.

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KASSELCOLLECTION is an assemblage of exemplifying pieces of work of the product design department of Kunsthochschule Kassel. It its 4th edition outstanding product designs are mutually curated by Professor Jakob Gebert and Lisa and Friederike Wübbeler.